What is your favorite thing about working remotely in Provence?

What’s your background?

I’m currently working as a project manager and team leader for a Swedish e-commerce platform. Before I have been working as a self-employed consultant, so now that I’m with a non-remote company. I’m trying to push some boundaries as most parts of my job can be done online. The Swedish winters are very long, and as I am born in Mexico I take every possibility to get some winter sun 🙂

How long have you been working remote and what are you currently working on?

This is my first remote work opportunity as an employee. I’m hoping I’ll be able to do this for a few months every winter.

Why do you think Provence, Uzes is a good destination for digital nomads?

It’s easily accessible from Europe and has a really nice winter climate. I also love how so many different things can be found in Provence, the real-life of living french, enjoying the cheese and wine, long dinners and amazing history. Uzes has it all!

What is your favorite thing about living

Definitely the feeling of community! It’s so easy to make new friends at Nine and it’s cool to meet so many like-minded people. The house itself is also great with lots of nice areas for hanging out – especially the rooftop!

Hmm that’s a hard one. Probably the overall house itself? Its big, its cozy, it’s homey. The veranda has amazing vibes whether you’re enjoying some sunshine, doing yoga in the morning, or having some wine for sunset.
The co-working space is super cozy and comfortable to work from and the natural lighting is spot on.